Game Design


So, something I learnt when I was over in China is that Unity3D has changed its licencing model. I was under the impression that releasing to mobile devices was part of the professional version of the software. I owned an Read more…

Game Design

Sprint One

I had thought that I would start with the control system, but after some consideration it was going to be of more use to start with the planetary systems and generating the universe first. The first step was determining what Read more…

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It Begins!

Well. I’ve been a software developer of Windows applications for 18 years now, but my whole desire for going into development was to be a game development. I’ve had plenty of time designing mini-games and writing game engines but now Read more…

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Jonathan Lowden

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Nerd. Geek. Whichever works. Been playing games since he was 6 or 7 on systems from the Commodore 64 to the Xbox One. Playing games has always been part of his life, and so has development. So link the two and you have game development as the next step.