Fresh Air Fishing

My thought about a weekly blog about my own game development has really gone by the way side. Best intentions.¬†You know how it goes. This is mostly due to not having the time to work directly on the game over the last three weeks… So what have I done over Read more…

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Game Design

The Boring Parts

The initial part of creating a game is the planning. I could skip over this part and go straight into the development, but I’d end up with a directionless game design with only a basic flesh out of ideas. A lot of my game design in the past has included Read more…

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It Begins!

Well. I’ve been a software developer of Windows applications for 18 years now, but my whole desire for going into development was to be a game development. I’ve had plenty of time designing mini-games and writing game engines but now is the time to begin the journey into something more. Read more…

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