So, something I learnt when I was over in China is that Unity3D has changed its licencing model. I was under the impression that releasing to mobile devices was part of the professional version of the software. 

I owned an older version of Unity3D Professional. I purchased my licence back in 2012/2013 at version 4.x with mobile support (iOS and Android), and at that time each of the targets you would like to release for were an additional cost.

Unity’s new licencing model is almost every target is free, unless you want the splash screen removed which you then subscribe for. Seeing as my application, Fresh Air Fishing, was targeted for a mobile release, I had discounted Unity as a no hope target for mobile development I had begun development with Cocos2D.

My preference for development has been Unity3D and so it was back to the drawing board and out with the old and in with the new. I have rejigged the design of the game as well as rewritten it within Unity and I feel it is a much better fit overall.